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Dear Friends!

We're very glad that you are here. It means that you're really interested in the city we admire so much. Whatever the reason youve come to travel to Moscow tourist voyage, business-trip with a single free evening, just curiosity or something special you love about Moscow were going to have your attention as long as possible. To do it, we'll try to reveal you the mysterious dual nature of our city. That is observed in both, time and space categories.

Moscow is wonderful! In summer there are baking dust and heat, and the intense, shady green and blue of birch forests and sparkling rivers encircling the city. A mystical summer moon hanging low over the red walls of the Kremlin. The world's best ice cream and the cool of the world's best metro system. Moscow State University, up on the hill, its majestic spire shimmering in the haze. Long walks in the historical Moscow centre, picturesque grand churches, night city with elaborately illuminated fountains, river cruises and many other attractions are always winning points to be adored by any tourist.

In winter snow and flat gray skies draw czarist-era buildings standing elbow-to-elbow with concrete Soviet monstrosities all together in a vast, if not solemn, monochrome panorama. The hills' main overlook point is a popular point for tourists and newlyweds to pose for photos and in winter, the couples gaze long at the city before they rush giggling back to their cars, the brides' skin pink under their lacy dresses. The Kremlin, when its

walls rise against a lowering, foggy winter sky, is a primal image of inscrutable power and devious maneuvers, baleful and profoundly foreign no matter where a visitor comes from.
Muscovites don't just live through the Russian capital's long and harsh winters, they live IN them with verve and merriment. One of Russia 's prime winter art forms is figure-skating. Gorky Park floods much of its sidewalks in winter, so figure-skaters can meander deep into the park, stopping off for coffee or shashlik at booths along the way, and Hermitage Gardens , a pretty but little-touristed park in the center city, also has skating.

Moscow in winter is second to none to West in culture. The renowned Bolshoi Theater and Tchaikovsky concert hall are jammed nightly, the innovative Gelikon Opera draws adventurous listeners, and the stage scene is as rich and energetic as New York's and London's - some 70 theaters with nightly productions, their acting so good and tickets so cheap that even an audience member who doesn't know a word of Russian will leave feeling rewarded.

Speaking about time changes, Soviet era presented Russia of great richness, but locked away behind closed doors; a Russia somehow in hibernation. After a decade of post-Communist change, a country has dramatically altered. The transition is messy and difficult. But far more profoundly and rapidly Russia 's traditions of courteousness and craftsmanship, of enthusiasm, quality and pride, are bubbling back to the surface, true to Russia 's essence, through three disconnected generations.

A few small signs of that. Vodka in Soviet Russia was always good, but the beer was at best mediocre. The roads were terrible, canteen food and service unspeakable and building standards together with Moscow apartments appalling. Today in Moscow, good food is served with a smile. Many of the main roads are excellent, Russian beer is everywhere, cheap and of breathtaking, almost Czech, quality. And of course tourist business is booming, plenty of European

class hotels being built and renovated. Western system of small hostels and convenient cozy apartments in central Moscow has also recently entered Russia, and visitors are attracted by all various tours and excursions.
Moscow is a city of long history and surprises, recently revealed by the West, and as far from disclosing all its secrets and beauties as one can imagine. This is your challenge and were always happy to face it with you, our Dear Guest. Welcome to Moscow, great heart of Russia!
Welcome to our city!

P.S: "...I've been to Russia, there're no bears there..."
An unknown tourist

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