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Sightseeing time : 3 h.

The Moscow Kremlin is one of the largest architectural ensembles in the world. It is home to the Moscow Kremlin State Museum of History and Culture.

The first Kremlin walls were built in the mid-12th century. Two hundred years later, Moscow became the capital of a small princedom and since that time, the Kremlin has been the residence of Russia`s rulers. Today, part of the Kremlin is occupied by presidential offices; this area is closed to visitors.

But during our tour, you will visit the majestic whitestone cathedrals of

Blagoveshchensky (the Annunciation), which was the private church of the Grand Princes of Muscovy and, later, of Russian tsars;

Arkhangelsky (built in the name of Archangel Michael). The Cathedral of the Archangel , built by architect Aleviz Novy in 1505-1508, was the burial vault of the Grand Princes of Muscovy, of princes and Russian tsars up to the early 18th century;

Uspensky (the Assumption), built by architect Aristotle Fioravanti in 1475-1479, was the most important church in the country. All Russian tsars were crowned there. where every tsar and emperor of Russia was crowned;

the Church of the Deposition of Our Lady`s Robe, built by Pskov craftsmen in 1484-1485, was the home church of the Russian metropolitans and, later, of the Russian patriarchs;

the Patriarch`s Chambers with the Church of the Twelve Apostles built in 1653-1655 for Patriarch Nikon, the first Russian "faith reformer";

the Ivan the Great Bell Tower Ensemble, created during the 16th and 17th centuries. Between 1505 and 1508, Italian architect Bon Friasin directed construction. A hundred years later, a new tier was added and the tower reached 81 metres in height. In 1532-1552, a church was built next to the Bell Tower to the design of architect Petroch Maly. At the end of the 17th century, this church was transformed into an Assumption Belfry. The first floor houses a museum exhibition hall.

They all have stunning architecture and magnificent inner decoration. You will be amazed, too, by the size of the Tsar Kolokol , the 200-tonne Tsar Bell. The art of casting was highly developed in Moscow many centuries ago; the Tsar Cannon is another fine example of the early masters skills.

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